The Harbour Cottage Gallery Annual Exhibitions


Conditions for the submission of paintings

Enquiries concerning Annual Exhibitions: Kie Stewart, Secretary to the Hanging Committee
email: hc@harbourcottagegallery.org.uk 
tel: 01557 339121


An exhibition fee of £ 12 is charged to contribute to the upkeep and insurance of the gallery. 



Artists may submit up to four of their own original paintings (no prints).
Particular attention must be paid to the presentation of paintings submitted.
Frames, glass, screw eye/ D-ring fittings, wire/cord must be in good condition.
Paintings may be rejected if they do not meet these requirements.

Paintings must be handed in between the times and on the date stated on the invitation letter, generally between 2.00pm and 3.00pm on the Sunday before the exhibition opens.


Annual exhibitions open at 10.30am, generally on a Monday, and close at 5.00pm, generally on a Saturday, (except the Autumn Exhibition which closes at 4.00pm).


Unsold works must be collected between 5.30pm and 6.00pm on the day the exhibition closes

(between 4.15pm and 5.30pm for the Autumn Exhibition) .


The Harbour Cottage Trust does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to paintings left in the gallery after the end of the collection period for each exhibition. 

The sale price of each painting is set by the artist.and shall not be altered in the course of the exhibition.
Prices must be in multiples of £5. Minimum price £50.

The Harbour Cottage Trust will retain 30% of the sale price as commission on any item (painting or merchandise) sold.

Sold paintings may be removed by purchasers.
Except in the case of a sale no painting may be removed from the exhibition unless by agreement with a member of the Hanging Committee or Gallery Supervisor.

When a painting is sold the artist may be invited to submit an additional painting for hanging as a replacement, subject to the approval of the Hanging Committee.



Artists over the age of 16, regardless of where they live, may apply.
Artists interested in submitting to the Open Exhibition must register their interest in one of the following ways: 
          - during the Easter Exhibition or
           - from Kie Stewart (tel 01557 339121 or email hc@harbourcottagegallery.org.uk)

If, after registering an interest, you decide not to or are unable to take part you must notify the Secretary of the Hanging Committee promptly to allow the space to be re-allocated.







Harbour Cottage Trust

is a Scottish Charity

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